Water should embody the health, hope and promise of every community.”

George Hawkins, Founder Moonshot Missions, Former CEO DC Water

Our Story

“People deserve clean water no matter the zip code. Moonshot Missions helps achieve this goal by diagnosing, selecting, funding and guiding the implementation of field-tested projects that both improve the environment while reducing costs and/or generating new revenue.”

George Hawkins, Founder Moonshot Missions, Former CEO DC Water

“I panicked in 2009 as I watched a crew repairing a pipe that was a century old, looking at printed maps stained from years of use and wondering who would talk to angry customers.  I witnessed why many see water as a threat – dirty drinking water, sewer backups, dangerous floods – managed by crumbling systems.

The scale of change needed is a “moonshot.” Yet I also realize the impact that water has on every living organism, person and job on the planet.  

The journey that followed, including rebranding as DC Water, is inspiring. Today, crews arrive in modern trucks with maps on iPads, video sensors that can diagnose problems - while customers receive updates through social media.  Old pipes are being replaced, energy conserved, costs reduced, and revenue generated by new approaches.”

“My passion is to help many water utilities achieve a similar moonshot.  I fervently believe that utilities in underserved communities will benefit most from these improvements, yet may have the most difficulty implementing them due to resource constraints.”

“That is where Moonshot Missions can help.  I am joined by a motivated team of utility veterans, including Andy Kricun, the former Chief Executive of the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority. He too stood at the precipice, responsible for an agency hobbled by poor performance and poorer financial results. Through a brilliant series of steps, Andy pulled off his moonshot – improving every performance measure while reducing rates in real terms by 40%.”

We start early, go late, and will not stop in our enthusiasm to help good people realize their dreams.

“Works Better, Costs Less”

“Every person is entitled to clean water. Underserved communities often can’t achieve this goal due to a lack of resources. Moonshot Missions offers a solution with field-tested practices that improve performance at lower cost.”

Our Method

Dozens of field-tested technologies and management approaches can reduce the cost of operating a water system, even as service is improved.

Moonshot Missions works with communities to identify and customize suitable projects within a roadmap that increases cash flow and may even reduce customer rates, while solving significant environmental and public health challenges.


We do our homework.  From day 1, we have a good sense of your community, operations, budget and management systems.


We consult with utility leadership to choose 3-5 projects customized to help support a transformation.


We listen to utility staff concerns to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement.


We provide step-by-step guidance, case studies, outcomes and financial analysis from successful projects in similar utilities.


We diagnose from what we learned and deliver a range of potential projects that improve performance and reduce costs.


We provide implementation guidance, including model documents, change management approaches and financing mechanisms.

“Working together, we will reach your Moonshot!”

Our Team

George Hawkins, Esq.

Founder and President

“When I arrived at DC WASA, the agency was disliked by the public, distrusted by the media, and saddled with antiquated systems.  In just a few short years, DC Water adopted strategies that reduced the cost and time of almost every operation while building new relationships with our customers, media and community.”

George is the former CEO of DC Water and previously held positions in federal, state and local government, as well as non-profits and teaching roles.

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Andy Kricun, P.E.

Managing Director

“The Camden County Municipal Authority faced increased costs and poor performance.  Yet in the last 22 years, we adopted strategies that improved every performance measure, improved our resiliency and relationship to the community, and perhaps most important, reduced rates in real terms by 40%.”

Andy is the former CEO and CE of the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority and active in a wide range of national and local water organizations.

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David St. Pierre

Senior Director

“Over my water utility tenure serving in three great American cities, I have overseen the automation of nearly every aspect of maintenance, operations and customer satisfaction and the value that comes with respect, a strong operational plan and opportunity.”  

Through automation, Dave greatly improved water quality leading innovation in St. Louis, Atlanta and Chicago, the latter where he served as the CEO of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.”

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Natalie Hawkins

Chief of Operations

Natalie focuses on strategic planning, program oversight and management, fundraising, HR, marketing, and branding.  She spent 10+ years as an executive recruiter specializing in international equity investment banking. Her organizational skills, persistence and interpersonal approach made her a top producer in her company.  

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Sarah Neiderer

Senior Director of Utility Assessments

Sarah is responsible for developing a portfolio of field-tested solutions. She interacts with utilities to deliver customized maps of projects that reduce costs and improve performance.  Sarah served DC Water for ten years with an expertise in water quality and public health.

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Stephanie Eatinger

Utility Assessment Specialist

Hailing from arid Southern California, Stephanie learned how vital clean water is for all living creatures and studied Environmental Engineering at the University of California. Stephanie’s experience working as a regulator and utility engineer give her a unique understanding of the water sector.

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Henderson Brown, Esq.


Henderson is a seasoned legal strategist who served two terms as General Counsel for DC Water (1998-2003; 2016-2018).  He was appointed Interim General Manager for DC Water (2017-2018). Henderson is a member of the Maryland and District of Columbia bars.

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Karyn Le Blanc


Karyn is a leading communications expert with 20 years of experience in public relations driving media, marketing and outreach strategies. She is a hard-working, boots-on-the-ground professional with a passion for projects that advance equitable and accessible water and transportation means for all.

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