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Moonshot Missions is looking to hire talented, mission-driven individuals who are passionate about making a difference with a focus on environmental equity. We are a small but rapidly growing non-profit, working directly with disadvantaged communities to improve water, wastewater and stormwater services, with an eye on affordability and resiliency. Becoming a part of the Moonshot team will enable you to work alongside veteran water leaders in a supportive environment that values creativity, diversity, and collaboration with a goal to help deliver safe and clean water to the people and places that need it most!


Come join our team of passionate, humble, experienced professionals, driven and inspired each day by the opportunity to improve the lives of people and the environment with innovative and community-centered work!

“Joining Moonshot Missions 6 months ago was the best choice I've made in my professional career. If you're seeking a refreshing work culture, the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant individuals, to contribute to making the world of water quality more equitable and sustainable, come join our team!”

Nick Meurer, Utility Advisor  

Job Opening

Utility Advisor - Water/Wastewater

Moonshot Missions seeks an experienced water and wastewater Utility Advisor. The Utility Advisor will apply technical training and hands-on work experience to address the operational and infrastructure challenges facing water utilities, particularly in economically distressed communities. You will manage technical projects and perform supporting roles working directly with utility clients and/or other community stakeholders.

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