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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Moonshot?
    Moonshot Missions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2018 based on the core principle that all people have a right to safe, accessible, and affordable drinking water and clean waterways. Moonshot Missions sends expert utility advisors out into the field to assess conditions, and identify, select, and develop technically and financially sound projects that transform utilities and the communities they serve. More information about us is here.
  • Who is Moonshot?
    Moonshot is comprised of dozens of veteran utility and federal, state, and local government leaders who have banded together to provide trusted advice to their peers. See a list of our current team here.
  • What is a “moonshot?”
    A moonshot for a community and their utility is a transformative and achievable set of projects or programs. Moonshot Missions helps communities identify and implement this transformation, ensuring safe, affordable, resilient, and sustainable drinking and clean water for future generations.
  • Does Moonshot generate profit?
    Moonshot is a non-profit organization that does not generate profits. Any revenue that exceeds our expenses is returned to the organization to help fund work with additional communities.
  • Is Moonshot an Environmental Finance Center?
    Yes. Moonshot is one of four national Environmental Finance Centers selected by USEPA to provide technical assistance to disadvantaged communities. The other three national EFCs are EPIC, the US Water Alliance, and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership. Learn more about our EFC work here.
  • Where does Moonshot work?
    Moonshot is national in scope and can work in any state, region, or tribal territory. Moonshot has personnel in every part of the country ready to help.
  • Who can Moonshot help?
    Moonshot can help any community and utility. Moonshot will seek payment from utilities that are able to pay. Communities identified as “disadvantaged” in their state receive assistance free of charge if selected for service under USEPA’s Environmental Finance Center program. Moonshot may also be able to help other utilities without cost based on other government and philanthropic funding.
  • How can we gain help from Moonshot?
    Interested communities and their utilities may seek help by accessing the USEPA’s request for service form here. A community may also request assistance directly from Moonshot here.
  • What are Moonshots’ areas of expertise?
    Moonshot personnel are well versed in drinking water, wastewater and stormwater issues based on personal experience. We are pleased to handle issues in any of these areas, with a special focus on TA and the following topics.
  • Will Moonshot come to our facility?
    Moonshot will send an experienced utility engineer and/or operator to visit your facility to learn about and assess your issues first-hand.
  • What happens first?
    Upon a request for assistance, Moonshot initiates the engagement by completing a Utility Profile to understand the community, utility and any issues that arise. Upon completion of the Profile, Moonshot will collaborate with community and utility personnel to conduct a 360° Assessment of technical, financial and management issues. Moonshot will produce a Menu of project opportunities for the utility to solve challenges and a Roadmap to guide them through the details of their chosen project. Last, Moonshot will help the community Implement transformative projects in order to successfully achieve their Moonshot!
  • What is the utilities’ role?
    The community and utility oversee the process. Moonshot serves as a trusted peer advisor that listens to current issues, assesses technical capabilities, and presents ideas to community and utility leadership for selection and further development.
  • What is the 360° Assessment?
    Moonshot conducts a comprehensive “360-degree” review of the utility’s current technical, managerial, and financial (TMF) conditions, which includes onsite evaluations as necessary and information gathering through engagement with the utility, the community, and other key stakeholders. As part of the evaluation, Moonshot reviews the utility’s management systems, which includes asset management, organizational structure, and key staffing needs. Moonshot’s financial review includes an analysis of the utility’s past financial audits, rate structure, capital improvement plans, operational expenses, debt status and history.
  • How are projects funded?
    Moonshot will help a utility develop sustainable and transformative projects that are suitable for funding. Funding may come from community resources or from state and federal resources. Moonshot will help a community prepare for and submit applications for federal and state funding. Click here to donate.
  • Does Moonshot sell products?
    No. Moonshot has no stake in the decisions or projects selected by the community and utility. Our only interest is in the selection and implementation of good projects.
  • Can I work or volunteer for Moonshot?
    Yes! Moonshot welcomes help from committed and enthusiastic people who want to serve their peers and improve water systems. Express an interest here.
  • Is Moonshot an Environmental Finance Center?
    Yes. Moonshot is one of four national Environmental Finance Centers selected by USEPA to provide technical assistance to disadvantaged communities. The other three national EFCs are EPIC, the US Water Alliance, and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership. Learn more about our EFC work here.
  • Is there a network of Environmental Finance Centers?
    Yes, there is a network of national and regional Environmental Finance Centers established by USEPA in collaboration with the states. If you seek EFC assistance from Moonshot, we will always check with the Regional Environmental Finance Center in your area to ensure we are best suited to provide support. Look here for a comprehensive list of all the National and Regional EFCs.
  • Do I pay for Moonshot services as an EFC?
    No, if you are classified as a disadvantaged community in your state and Moonshot is selected as the suitable technical assistance provider, these services will be provided free of charge.
  • How do I access support from Moonshot as an Environmental Finance Center?
    You can access request for assistance intake forms on the USEPA website or contact your relevant Regional Environmental Finance Center. You can also request assistance from us here, and we will make sure your request gets a speedy response.
  • Who can seek assistance?
    Communities defined as disadvantaged communities by their state are eligible for free assistance from Environmental Finance Centers. Please look here (Section I) for a helpful summary of how each state classifies disadvantaged communities.
  • If I am not classified as a disadvantaged community, can I seek assistance from Moonshot?
    Absolutely yes. Moonshot provides technical assistance to any community of any size. Moonshot will seek a suitable contract and compensation for this work. As a non-profit, our rates are very reasonable.
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