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Careers for Change: Water is Life Keynote Discussion

Don’t miss our own George Hawkins and Anniestacia

Denton at the Reservoir Center in Washington DC on

April 25!

The “Careers for Change: Water is Life” keynote

discussion will feature George and Anniestacia

interviewing each other about their work on WASH

(water, sanitation, and hygiene) issues in the United

States and abroad.

“Since beginning my career, I’ve been blessed to have

amazing mentors who have generously poured insights

and inspiration into me through sharing the ways they’ve

leveraged their careers to impact the world around

them,” said Anniestacia. “I’m incredibly grateful and

excited to pay forward some of that inspiration to the

next person as part of this event!”


Thursday April 25th | 5:30 - 8:30 PM EDT

Reservoir Center | 301 Water St SE; Washington, DC

RSVP online; entry will be first-come, first-served!


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