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Stand Up for Justice

We are heart-broken and angered by the killing of George Floyd. His reprehensible killing comes on the heels of a baleful drumbeat of horrific deaths that have occurred over the years in whole or in part because of institutional racism, injustice to people of color, and abuse of governmental authority. Sadly, George, along with Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, are now links in a long chain of deaths in modern American history that also includes the names of Jimmy Lee Jackson and Emmett Till from decades ago. There have been far too many other links in that chain since the era of slavery.

Our team at Moonshot Missions condemns racial injustice. We condemn abuse of government authority. We believe neither unfair laws nor implicit bias should deprive people of the opportunity to pursue the social, educational, economic, or political power needed to thrive in this country.

At Moonshot Missions, we broadly condemn systems and circumstances that promote or allow disproportionate access to vital resources – especially water. Our overarching purpose is to correct imbalances relating to access to clean water. We hold firm in our conviction that everyone is entitled to clean water and clean waterways, regardless of their zip code.

As we move forward, we will not forget as the mainstream media turns their attentions elsewhere. We draw hope from the diverse racial composition of public protestors, and we draw strength from their tenacious resolve to reject beliefs that foster differences and foment divisions among people.

We commit to do our part to reverse water accessibility conditions that further an imbalance against African Americans, Native Americans and Latinx. We will work tirelessly to secure the principles that underpin our country and to eliminate systems and circumstances that create inequity and foster disparity.

We offer blessings and prayers to those who have felt the pain and indignity of racial injustice, especially for the families of our fallen citizens, and we stand in solidarity with those who kneel or protest to demand our country lives up to its great promise.


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