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Dr. Luis Montestruque

SME Smart Systems

Dr. Luis Montestruque is a Digital Water Solutions leader with 16 years of experience in driving multi-disciplinary teams to conceptualize, launch, and commercialize successful digital solutions for the water sector. ​ 


As a recognized water innovator and engineer, Luis led the development of the world’s first smart sewer technology, a game-changing, AI-fueled wastewater optimization solution now being applied in cities around the world. Created in partnership with the City of South Bend, Indiana, and Notre Dame University, this technology is preventing more than 1 billion gallons of polluted water annually from damaging local waterways in South Bend, while saving the city and its taxpayers more than $450 million in avoided capital costs. This solution, which is now being brought to market by water technology leader Xylem, has gained global recognition including Fortune’s Change the World list of companies making a profound difference for society, the UN Global Compact and other leading organizations.​ 


Luis has a proven record in commercializing outcome-based solutions using digital twin and IoT solutions that unlock massive value for the water industry. Highly skilled at driving business and technical outcomes in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial environments through mission alignment. 


Dr. Luis Montestruque
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