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We are committed to serve as trusted peer advisors to transform the water sector, ensuring the delivery of clean water and to protect the environment and public health in an affordable way.

“Every person is entitled to clean water. Underserved communities often can’t achieve this goal due to a lack of resources. Moonshot Missions offers a solution with field-tested practices that improve performance at lower cost.”

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In 2009, having just become General Manager of District of Columbia Water and Sewage Authority (DC WASA), I watched in disbelief as one of my crews repaired a century old pipe, using what looked like a century-old paper map to direct their work. I panicked as I wondered who would respond to customers, angry that their water service had been disrupted again with no notice. I understood how DC WASA had earned its reputation for poor customer service and distrust by the community. 


Water is essential to all life. I knew DC WASA could do better, and that the scale of change needed was a “moonshot.” 


Today, at rebranded DC Water with the tagline “Water is Life,” crews arrive in modern trucks with maps on iPads and video diagnostic tools. Customers receive regular updates through social media. Outdated pipes are being replaced, energy conserved, costs reduced, and revenue produced by new approaches. DC Water has been transformed into one of the most respected government agencies in Washington DC. 

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My passion is to help other water utilities achieve a similar moonshot. I fervently believe that utilities in underserved communities will most benefit from these kinds of improvements yet may have the most difficulty implementing them due to resource constraints.  

That is where Moonshot Missions can help. I am joined by a motivated team of utility veterans with over 250 years of collective service in utility operations, engineering, finance, and leadership. We are committed to serving as trusted peer advisors for communities to secure safe, accessible, and affordable drinking water and clean waterways, regardless of zip code. 


We start early, go late, and will not stop in our enthusiasm to help good people achieve their moonshot. 


George Hawkins
Founder of Moonshot Missions
Former CEO, DC Water

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